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Kadett csapat 2009-2010 idény

A 2009-2010 bajnoki szezonban szereplő szegedi kadett korú rögbisek, a Fit World SE csapata



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Girardi,2013.01.01 14:16

thank you for giving this mail to the appropriate people.

You would like to use the video with your senior teams or selection teams... but you have not a lot of money, Rugby Pro Training have one solution for you with his video software !
- no need to employ someone
- no contract => to stop or to continue when you want
- no licence => it is free

The only thing is to shoot the match and to send it by internet.

You have more information to know the price and to know his using with a online demonstration here :

You can contact me to have an example with a match of 6 nations.

Best regards,
Lionel Girardi

Juhász Máté,2009.09.13 09:07

Középső sor, jobbról a másokdik.

Írd ide Te is a neved és e-mail címed, ha látod magad a képen!